15 Awesome Wooden Box Ideas for Weddings

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We're loving how simple decorations are transformed into awesome wedding centerpieces. And today, we are featuring one commonly used garden accessory that has been given a lot of exposure at weddings - the wooden box. They are a common element for garden-inspired, woodland and shabby chic weddings. But they are also gaining popular use in other themed celebrations. It is all about dressing them up and giving them an added personality. 

Here are 15 ways you can dress up wooden boxes and transforming them into awesome wedding decorations:

Something old and wonderful. Fill a worn out dresser with hydrangeas in different colors.

Something whimsical. Stack several wooden boxes and transform them into a platform showcasing your whimsical hot air balloon inspired centerpiece.

Something ingenious. Fill a cigar box with coffee beans and top it with candles.
Minimalist. Fill a long wooden box with milk bottles adorned with angel's breath.
Something colorful. Paint wooden boxes with funky colors that match your theme.
 Something romantic. Hanging flowers in wooden boxes arranged over the reception tables.
Something charming. Birdcage transformed into lamp shade decorated with pastel colored flowers and arranged in a wooden box.

Alternately place colored mason jars and wood blocks on a long planter box to serve as wedding centerpiece.
Something aromatic. Fill planter boxes with herbs that your guests can take home as souvenir and transplant in their garden.
Something rustic. Succulents and candles make an excellent centerpiece for an outdoor wedding.

Something colorful. Fill boxes with blooms in the color of your wedding motif.
To achieve the rustic chic effect, use wooden boxes with a distressed finish and fill it with flowers in different shades of the same color.

Stick a table number to your wedding centerpiece to guide your guests to their assigned tables.

Something elegant. You can have an all-white wedding reception centerpiece .

Something meaningful. Paint your favorite virtues on plant boxes to serve as table markers.

Even the most simple things can become the most exquisite creation with a little imagination and creativity.

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