Wedding Details: Ring Bearers

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When planning a wedding, getting your family and friends involved in the ceremony or the reception gives it a personal touch. You can always find something for everyone to do on your wedding day. Your besties can of course serve as your bridesmaids and maid of honor. The little girls as flower girls. And those cute nephews, godsons or even your kids can play the important role of ring bearer at your wedding. But what exactly do ring bearers do? As the name suggests, these cute little guys are tasked to carry a pillow that holds the rings of the bride and the groom. Ring bearers are usually boys from age 4 to 8. Although there is no hard and fast rule about it, getting someone who can walk down the aisle without much fuss would really be very much welcomed. 

Here are some ways you can spruce up your little helper's participation at your wedding:

Pay homage to Scottish tradition by getting him to wear a kilt.

Be one of the boys. Get him to wear a cool pair of shades.

Something comfy - suspenders, shorts and loafers.

Let him be your personal superhero for the day

A fairy tale wedding filled with your well-loved characters.

Arrive in style. Your ring bearer will definitely enjoy driving to the altar on his personal ride.

Wheeled in. Let him ride on a wagon to the alter during the ceremony.

Instead of marching before the flower girls, getting them to walk the aisle together would be more fun.

Carry a sign. Ain't this the cutest?

Alternately, you can get him to bring a big balloon announcing the bride's entrance.

Add a quirky touch to his attire with the help of an awesome cartoon character boutonniere.

And don't forget to pack some art stuff  for him to show your appreciate for his help at the wedding.

You can also get him to do other chores like distribute lollipops to welcome guests at the reception.

Brotherly duties. You can get an older sibling to accompany your little bearer as he walks down the aisle.

 Looking dapper in a hat.

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