10 Ring Pillow Alternatives

Happy greetings to all Lots of Love Readers! When you plan weddings, you are always inclined to go with traditional designs and details because they have worked pretty much for everyone. However, if you want your wedding to be something that people will remember for a very long time, you can fill with elements that will separate it from the rest. For instance, the ring pillow. Also known as the wedding ring cushion. It is traditionally a small pillow that is used to carry the rings during Western weddings. You can add a personal touch by letting your ringbearer carry the rings on something out of the ordinary. 

Here are 10 ring pillow alternatives worth considering.

Boxed up. Something you can use even after the wedding. 
So you won't miss it, you can label which one is for the Mr. and the Mrs.

Especially delivered by your favorite bear. 

Something classy and unexpected. The rings hidden on a cane. 

Keeping it safe inside a safe guarded by your most trusted ring bearer.

Showcased in a vintage jewelry box.

Give new life to an old book by transforming it into a ring holder. 
 Something that will go perfectly well on a beach wedding: Rings placed on a shell. 

Something creative, a lotus origami with the rings in the middle. 

Simply colorful. Pin the rings on a flower of your wedding's motif.

Engraved heart bearing the rings.

Lots of Love,

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