15 Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding

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Spices make food more interesting and aromatic. It has been at the heart of the culinary world since its discovery. Different cultures value different spices. But in these time of intermarriages and a world without borders,  spices have found its place in every home and institution all over the world. 

Traditionally, spices play a role in weddings. It is said that during the Middle Ages, wedding guests carry cumin in their pockets, known as a symbol of love and fidelity, as a sign of blessing for the couple. The blending of seven spices is also a unique tradition in Middle Eastern weddings to demonstrate a healthy and well-balanced marriage.

Rosemary for prosperity
Brown sugar for a sweet life
Garlic to keep the couple safe
Savory for balance in their lives
Nutmeg for romance
Paprika for passion
Bay leaf for an extra "spark" of flavor

You too can spice up your wedding by incorporating herbs and spices into your wedding details. Here are some ideas worth considering: 

1. A fitting bouquet for an autumn wedding: red roses, apples, butterfly accent and cinnamon sticks.

2. An aromatic boutonniere of rosemary, juniper, laurel leaf, hops, grains, fir and cinnamon.

3. Add an interesting twist to the Unity Ceremony. Instead of using sand, why not use vibrant colored spices?
4. Decorate tables with spices instead of flowers.

5. Accent candles wrapped with cinnamon sticks make an interesting centerpiece.

6. Keep guests warm by serving hot spiced apple cider.
7. Treat guests to a fall favorite - pumpkin spice cake.

8. Adult guests would surely enjoy these yummy Spiced Rum Popsicles

9. For wedding favors, you can give out Infused Olive Oil

10. A salt rub that will be a valuable addition to any kitchen.
11. Spice rub for weekend barbecue parties.

12. Must try mulling spice pack for cider or wine
13. Get them to enjoy your favorite drink at the comfort of their own home by sharing your  pumpkin spice latte syrup
14. Seed packets to start their very own herb garden.

15. And live potted plants which can double up as centerpiece or escort cards

Live life with a little spice!

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