Flower Power: 15 Awesome Wedding Flower Walls

Colorful greetings for all Lots of Love Readers!

Flower walls have been around for a long time now but it has taken a center stage during the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The floor to ceiling white flower backdrop became a sensation overnight and has become an inspiration for many weddings and special occasions.

You too can have your very own flower wall backdrop at your wedding. You can infuse your own creativity and preference to the flowers and plants that you will use to suit your theme, wedding motif or color palette. Here are 15 equally awesome flower walls that you can draw inspiration from:

Pretty in pink and red.

Framed. A picture perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Bursting with color. An ombre flower wall provides the ideal contrast to the natural greenery in an outdoor wedding.
Artsy installation of bundled flowers arranged in varying heights suspended on a wall.

Bring the outdoors in by mounting some greens on a wall.

Flower vases create texture and add perspective to a flower wall backdrop. 
A fitting backdrop for a bohemian wedding - Stringed flowers hanging on a wall.

Wood lattice adorned with flowers give a vintage vibe to a wedding reception.

Repurpose wooden crates into a super cool DIY wedding ceremony backdrop with floral accents
Circles and plants. Guests would definitely enjoy having their pictures taken with this fascinating background.

Simply adorable. Decorate a white wall with ferns and you never have to worry about a boring backdrop.

An air plant curtain can easily become the center of attraction at a garden wedding.

Decorate like a pro. Tuck flowers of different colors and varieties on a wall.

Paper flowers are great substitute for fresh flowers. You can combine it with fabric.

Or you can fill a whole wall with vibrant colored paper flowers to enhance the festive mood of the occasion. 

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