Wedding Decor Ideas: Photo Centerpieces

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Indeed, a picture could paint a thousand words. We enjoy looking at photos of the groom and bride, how they were as individuals and how they are as a couple in love about to  formalize their commitment to each other through marriage. A wedding is a perfect opportunity to provide family and friends a glimpse into the couple's loves story. 

In the past, we've featured an article about engagement photos  and how they can be showcased at a wedding. For this article, we are giving you another great idea for weddings - Photo centerpieces. 

Here is a  collection of must-consider adorable photo centerpieces:

 The Accordion. A funky way of sharing your favorite couple pictures at the wedding reception.

Make it personal. Wrap flower vases with the couple's pictures .

If you have a flare for drama, make a statement by placing the couple's photos in a cloche.

 Give your guests a glimpse of the past by sharing the couple's pictures at every age. 

or perhaps, by year.

Simple DIY decor. Transform a mason jar into an interesting centerpiece. Line them with the couple's favorite pictures and adorn with elements that go with the wedding theme or color palette like some twigs and vines for a beach wedding

or music sheets for a music themed wedding.

Illuminated photo frames with battery operated candles make a great centerpiece and wedding giveaway

Share fun facts about the couple in each of the table number photo centerpiece.

How about an artsy photo bouquet of the couple's pictures?

Add a feel of nostalgia by using old soda bottles as vases filled with flowers and pictures.

Create a visual impact with a picture tree centerpiece

Add a rustic polaroid to a shabby chic centerpiece. 

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Oh my goodness!! These Photo Centerpieces are looking so beautiful. I really loved this idea! At some local NYC event space I am thinking to host a holiday party for my kiddos. This décor idea would be so affordable and interesting for my party!

I am glad you liked it. Do check out some of our other posts of wedding decoration ideas ;)