Fiesta Red Wedding

Colorful greetings everyone!  Spring is a season full of promises. In places with four seasons, it is a welcome reprieve from the cold winter days. It ushers rebirth with flowers beginning to bloom and nature slowly coming to life.

Spring is a great season for weddings.It provides a great opportunity to plan an outdoor wedding taking advantage of the natural backdrop of the woodland, the beach or the park. For 2016, spring is all about color trends that, as Pantone suggests, transcends gender and cultural norms. Spring color trends for year is a collection of vivid brights that give way to excitement and optimism and subdued hues that exude quiet stability.  

One of the exciting colors of spring is Fiesta. It is an exciting and fun shade of red that adds a pop to the soft and calm colors of spring. Fiesta is a great wedding motif on its own, but also pairs well with Snorkel Blue, Green Flash and Limpet Shell.

Here is a selection of wedding elements in Fiesta Red:

Spice up the usual wedding invitation with floral prints and embellished fonts.

Pay tribute to  the flowers of spring by donning a flower crown headdress

Add a splash of color to the groom's suit with a red bow tie and floral boutonniere.

Vibrant bouquet of spring flowers

The bridesmaids all gorgeous in vibrant Fiesta red dresses

Scatter petals and tuck bouquet of red flowers on chairs along the aisle

Shower the newlyweds with sweet smelling floral confetti

Guide your guests to their seats using color coded pins.

Interesting table centerpiece using red lanterns

Romantic centerpiece of candelabra and taper candles.

Creative display of red flowers showcased in tall glasses 

Simple yet eye-catching centerpiece of red flowers bunched up on a vase

What is more fun than having red Tiffany chairs at the wedding reception?

Red linens add to the festive mood of the occasion

Arrange flowers in vases of varying heights and shapes
Amp up the romance with tall floral arrangements and candles

Indulge in a signature cocktail concoction.
Naked cakes are a popular choice for spring weddings. A decadent red velvet cake embellished with red anemones is not one to disappoint.
Adorn the traditional white wedding cake with a flower in vibrant red. 

Serve up candies for everyone to enjoy and take home as wedding favor

Share your favorite seasoning as wedding favor.

Lots of Love, 

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