Hand-painted Wedding Ideas

Festive greetings to everyone!

Colors make any celebration look more vibrant and fun. It have the power to transform the mood of ordinary ballroom into something festive, elegant or romantic. Wedding motifs are not limited to one or two colors. If you have a flare for the arts, you can transform your wedding into a showcase of visually appealing decorations and designs in various colors.

In this age of computerization, hand-painting seem to be a thing of the past. But it it this very characteristic that makes it more appealing. Here are some ideas on how you can showcase hand-painted elements at a wedding: 

Floral accents on a wedding invitation.

A daintier take on Angelina Jolie's wedding dress: A simple ball gown transformed into a elegant wedding dress with hand-painted floral details. 

An ink-splattered bouquet.

The bridesmaids donning hand-painted dresses.

Hire an artist to paint the wedding ceremony.

Go industrial chic by saying your vows with a paint-splattered backdrop.

Hand-painted signs all throughout the wedding reception venue

Escort cards that make a perfect bookmark keepsake from your wedding.

Instead of vases, layer floral arrangements on hand-painted blocks of varying sizes.
Romantic table setting with linens and napkins in serenity and rose quartz color combo.

Ombre chair covers
Serve up a sumptuous buffet for your guests to feast on
Colorful menu cards

In lieu of the unity candle, try unity painting instead.

Stunning wedding cake with gold-painted embellishments

Serve colorful drinks and thirst quenchers.
Have guests sign their names on a canvas with colorful details.

Give away miniature artworks as wedding favor.

Hand-painted glass candle holders are popular as well.

Thank your bridesmaids and maid of honor for all their help by giving them hand-painted clutch purse.

A just married sign which you can bring home and display in your home after the wedding.

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