Sweet Dessert Ideas for Weddings

Sweet greetings everyone! One of the things that guests look forward to when they attend weddings, other than celebrating the union of two people in love is the company of friends and family. And like any wedding, there is nothing sweeter than ending a wedding feast with some sweet indulgence. Everybody loves desserts and at weddings, it does not always have to be the wedding cake. These days, people are getting more creative and more liberal about turning their wedding into a statement of everything that they love most. As such, it is also a chance to share with everyone the couple's favorite desserts. 

Here are some sweet treats that are finding its way to wedding banquets as an alternative if not to complement to the traditional wedding cake:

 Whoopie pies in every flavor and color

Campfire Smores that bring back fun-filled memories

A delightful selection of meat and fruit pies

Guilt-free helping of fruit kebabs

Delectable fruit cups with gelato or whipped cream topping

Fancy jell-o and marshmallow shots with golden sugar dust

Simple marshmallow coated dessert pops

Rice crispies dipped in white chocolate
Beat the heat with exciting Popsicle flavors
Waffle wonders with whipped cream and fruit toppings

Warm and hearty milk and cookie combo

 Say Cheese!

Savor the goodness of gelato

Lots of Love, 

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