Wedding Confetti Ideas

Sweet greetings everyone!

Tossing confetti at the newlyweds is a common sight at weddings. This age-old practice traces its roots in Great Britain. Back in the days, guests toss rice onto the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility. The Italian version involved showering the couple with sugared almonds. Eventually, this tradition found its way in all parts of the globe and took on different versions among different cultures.

Wedding confetti comes in various shapes, sizes, color and texture. In today's weddings, we see a lot of options for confetti as well as fun and exciting alternatives. Here are some interesting and popular choices that will certainly win your heart.

Daisy chain confetti add a summer feel to a wedding regardless of season

Throw in some lavender for luck and devotion.
Fresh flower petals like delphinium make an awesome, light and sweet smelling confetti
Bird seeds make a great confetti option for a garden or outdoor wedding. You do not have to worry about the after-party clutter. In fact, you are leaving something for our feathery friends to enjoy.
Cornfetti that guests could munch on, if not toss away to send off the newlyweds.
Spread the love with paper heart confetti

Repurpose old books into punch hole art confetti

Colorful paper strips add to the festive mood of the occasion

Get starstruck with starry, glittery stardust confetti

 Fun party poppers for everyone

Shower the newlyweds with light and airy pompoms
Instead of the traditional confetti, try fun alternatives such as bubbles
And paper twirls

For green weddings, you can opt for this cool new thing called Ecofetti, a water-soluble, non-staining and biodegradable option which dissipates in the air after use.

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