Pets at Weddings

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There are people who have developed an affinity for their pets. Being faithful companions, pets are a source of joy, fun and a lot of endearment. And because they are special, a lot of couples make them a part of the important milestones in their lives. And just like close friends and relatives, it is but proper to have the very presence of their pets at the wedding standing witness to their testament of love and commitment as husband and wife. 

Here are some of the cutest photos of pets at weddings:

 The couple sharing a snapshot with their feline friend

Sweet moment with the llamas

The bride bonding with her best buddy

An endearing photo of the groom and his furry pal.
 The sweet couple together with their favorite bunny.

Other than being a guest at the wedding, pets can also take on several wedding duties:
They make the cutest addition to any save-the-date wedding announcement.

As pet-of-honor, he should look cute and groomed for the occasion.

Trained dogs can serve as flower bearer
one of the groom's men
and even as ring bearer 

She makes an adorable companion for the little ones walking down aisle

He can have his moment walking down the aisle carrying the "Here comes the bride" sign

Their cutest tricks make photo shoots more interesting

Exciting as it sounds, planning a wedding involving pets is not as easy as a walk in the park. With pets, you have to be prepared for anything and everything. You have to put thought on their needs and their temperament for things to go without any hitch. 

Here are some tips on how you, your pets and guests can enjoy your wedding celebration: 

  • Consider your pet's temperament. Not all pets are sociable. Observe your pet's behavior. If being in a crowd is making it jittery, that should give you a preview of how things will be on your wedding day.
  • Work with a sitter. You will not have the time to attend to your pet's need with all the many things running through your mind on your wedding day. And it would be unfair to pass on the burden to your family members and friends who would be busy with their respective assignments. Having a pet wedding attendant who knows his or her way around pets will ensure that your pet will be well provided for and its needs taken cared of for the whole duration of the celebration.

  • Factor in your pet's needs in the wedding plan. If you are hiring a wedding coordinator, you have to let them know that you want to involve your pets in the wedding so they can check on several things like if the location of your choice allow pets and have pet-friendly facilities. They would also have to inform their vendors about it so there won't be any surprises.
  • Give everyone a heads up about your plan. As a show of courtesy to your guests, inform them ahead of time that your pets will be joining the wedding celebration. You would not want to deal with allergies or unfriendly stares to spoil the most important day of your life.
  • Aim for picture perfect. Hire a photographer who love animals or at least have some experience taking pictures of people and their pets. That should give you an assurance that you will have the pictures that will showcase how you and everyone else, your pets included, had fun at your wedding.

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