What's to Love About Brunch Weddings

Happy Greetings to all!

If you are a morning person, you would definitely love to start your day preparing for your wedding. As the name suggests, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Brunch weddings usually happen during mid-morning and could extend up to early afternoon. It's catching on among wedding trend favorites and here are some reasons why...

It is a great way to start the day.

You can go a little less formal and have fun in short dresses.

You can take advantage of the good weather for the wedding reception
 and wedding ceremony

Be serenaded by a string quartet.

It's never too early to indulge in some bellini

Serve espresso shots to kickstart the party

Enjoy your favorite food such as egg and cheese sandwiches

waffles and sliders
fruit and donut skewers
 Get everyone on their feet and have an unlimited helping of yoghurt

or cereals

Get creative and opt for a non-traditional wedding cake such as stacked donuts

fruity naked cake

or rustic crepes wedding cake
You can give away mimosas as wedding favors.

Lastly, brunch weddings give you the opportunity to take wonderful pictures all day long. 

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